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This One Book Can Change Your Life! for the good

This book explains about struggle and the reasons of struggling and how to eliminate them. In just 70 Pages Author creates a life changing book. Let’s see the reasons and how to avoid Struggle in life We feel like we should have the acceptance and approval of others, so to obtain it we do what they want and not what we want (I studied this because my father wanted me to study this) Strugglers think that God wants us to Struggle. Is this true? If God is our Father does he wants his children to

What the World’s Greatest Salesman Know that you Don’t

What makes someone a Great Salesman and another a Mediocre? Is there a trait every Great Salesman follow Everyday? Is it possible to learn them? you will find the answers in this article. In the book “The Greatest Salesman in the World” Og Mandino shares 10 secrets that world greatest salesman follow as a routine. Anyone who has the persistence can learn this secrets and become a Great Salesman. In today’s article I will share with you the 4 most important traits that you should copy from the

Do you know J.K.Rowling wrote a Self Help book?

Yes you heard it right, Rowling wrote a Self help book and do you know what is the title? Harry Potter! Are you kidding? No I am not, even though Harry Potter is classified as a Fantasy Fiction it has some important life lessons that you can learn. What are these lessons you can learn from this book series? For starters it emphasis the importance of Friendship, You can see the other lessons in this article Whenever some bad things happens to us we think that God is punishing us or we are unlu

3 Reasons Why you should delete your Social Media account Right now

Is Social media a Threat for us? or a growth medium to exhibit our talents? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat all these were created in the past decade only, People before that had a good relationship with their neighbors, friends and everyone. Does it mean you should never have a social media account? Is social media a friend or a foe? In the book Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now Jaron Lanier shares 10 reasons why you should quit social media. Let’s delve i

Why Schools Don’t Teach About Money

Go to school, Get a Degree, Find a Job, Work for 40+ years, then enjoy if you are alive, Ever heard of this advice? Most of us are living with the same assumption that we need a degree to become successful, but if all we do with our degree is to get a job to earn money then why are we not educated about Money? I know most of you have these question but there are not many answers for this question. Let’s find the answer for this most asked question in this article. Schools wants you to become

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